Welcome to our Concierge Services page. Here you can read about all of the amazing things we can do for you and your travelling companions. We love what we do & so will you!

Concierge Services

dedicated, luxurious, pampered...

Being on a luxury holiday means different things to different people, but often it means getting pampered, eating delicious food that someone else has cooked or simply being able to spend valuable time with friends or family without being bogged down with daily chores.

At Ibiza a la carte we can offer you a dedicated concierge service to deal with your every need whilst on holiday. Here are some suggestions as to how we can help. If you require our assistance with anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us..... after all, that’s what we’re there for.

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Household Help

Help with unpacking on arrival, a regular cleaning service, someone to run errands for you or even a carer for one of your less able guests. Why spend your precious time doing things for yourself when someone else can do it for you – you are meant to be on holiday!


Although it is wonderful to spend time with the children on holiday, grown ups need a break too. We can provide qualified nannys and experienced babysitters to amuse and entertain your little ones while you take some precious moments to yourselves.


If there is anything in particular you would like to be ready for you on arrival such as a food shopping, some local delicacies in the fridge or nappies for the babies, let us have your list and cross it off your own.

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Private Chef

Locally sourced organic produce...

If your holiday means eating delicious food without having to cook or go out then why not let us organise a chef to come and prepare your meals. They are able prepare you a meal at the villa or boat... on a one-off basis or throughout your stay.

All our chefs use locally sourced, organic products so no matter if you would like to eat regional specialities or cuisine from other countries, we can provide a chef to suit you.

Chef services

Beauty Services and Therapies

aromatherapy, detoxification, reiki...

Whilst you are on holiday, allow us to find you someone to do your hair, nails or provide you with a massage whether for therapeutic reasons, relaxation or to re-energise. Your concierge services can provide aromatherapy, detoxification, reiki and many others holistic services.



There are many of the different types of yoga practised on Ibiza, any of which we can organise on your behalf. Whether you are looking to do yoga for the first time, try a different form of self meditation and relaxation or continue with the type of yoga you practice at home, Ibiza is the perfect place to do this.

Personal Trainer

If you require a personal trainer while on holiday, we can help you find a suitable person who can work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

We Love What We Do & so will you!

Chauffeur Service

Excellent local knowledge...

Looking for someone to take you to a few nightspots one evening without the hassle of trying to find a taxi or just generally wanting a break from driving, then a chauffeur is the perfect addition to your holiday.

Our chauffeurs have excellent knowledge of the island and can suggest some of the lesser known spots to visit, the more scenic routes to take... or the most direct, whatever suits you.

Local Knowledge

Security Services

If you require additional security whilst on your holiday, let us take care of it for you so you can chill out without concern.

Luxury Travel - Jets

You may wish to travel to Ibiza by private jet or take a business trip off the island during your stay. Let the concierge service organise this for you.